Feb 20, 2012

What Angers Me About President's Day?

With all of the recent hubbub over the flag at half-mast for Whitney Houston, I am shocked that there is not a bigger stink about today. After all, I have read countless articles and blogs about how this right should be reserved for fallen soldiers and presidents.

This is President's Day, a federal holiday, yet barely recognized by americans at large. We are the same group that refers to "Independence Day" as "The Fourth of July". Not serious you say? I am a youth pastor and have heard from many teens who do not know the origin behind the "4th".

Our schools are out for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but not President's Day (although the schools in my area were, but as a teacher work day). This is a complete shame. Don't get me wrong, I think they should be out for MLK, Jr Day, but more so for today.

This day commemorates all of our presidents who have lead us bravely and wisely in this freedom experiment known as the United States of America. Of all of the liberties we hold so dear none is as important to me as our freedom of religion. I am not sure how long we will have this one. We owe it to our presidents (especially the first few), who dared to defy a corrupt, overbearing monarchy to protect our God given inalienable rights. Happy President's Day!

(By the way this is my 150th post. Thanks for reading!)

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