Feb 28, 2012

The Phantom Menace Passes Star Wars!

Like it or not, The Phantom Menace is now the 10th highest grossing film of all time worldwide. It has grossed over $1 billion dollars. Only 11 movies have ever done this. Brace yourself for number 11--It is...The Dark Knight! OUCH!

But wait it gets worse. On the domestic front Episode 1 moves up a notch as well. It is now number 4 of all time in the United States. What movie did it pass? Star Wars: A New Hope. Although I love all of the Star Wars films, this is disheartening news.

I blame 3D for this travesty. It is the same reason Avatar did so well financially. Prices for tickets are $13 compared to the $3 ticket price for Star Wars in 1977. This means that a whole lot more people went to see the original back in the day.

The only thing that makes me smile is that when the list is adjusted for inflation the top five movies are:

        1. Gone With the Wind
        2. Star Wars
        3. The Sound of Music
        4. E.T.
        5. The Ten Commandments

Avatar is 14th and The Phantom Menace is 16th. Take that 3D!

Anyone can come up with a gimmick to make money, but only a truly moving story will bring people out in droves. I believe that even with my love for Star Wars there is even a more gripping story. If you attend a church, I want you to seriously consider inviting someone to attend with you on Easter. If you don't you can message me and I will recommend one in your area.

Mark your calendars for April 8th. You won't even need to by a ticket to attend "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

What is your opinion of the 3D craze?
Will you be in church this Easter?

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sonya said...

"Why so serious?" Who cares The Dark Knight still rocks! You know sometimes it's not only about the movie it's the goodtimes you had because of the movie. Like rewind videos and reenactments! Lol goodtimes...