Jul 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers Have Identical Plots

Let me start off by saying that the victims and families of the Colorado shootings are in my prayers. I decided to wait until today to do a review of The Dark Knight Rises because I could not bring myself to even think about the actual movie.

Earlier today though as I pondered what I had seen I realized that the plot was VERY similar to that of The Avengers. So I am going to show all of the similarities between the two movies rather than doing a review. Although they have VERY different tones the have essentially the same plots.

SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW!!! You have been warned!

Bane has a serious problem with our Free Society
Loki actually says he wants to free us from freedom

Both villains get caught on purpose

Both villains escape from custody while on an aircraft.

Both villains capture a scientist and make them work for them.

Loki scatters our heroes: Thor falls to earth in a steel trap, Hulk falls to Earth, Colson is killed, Black Widow is shaken etc.
Bane scatters the heroes: Bruce is in a pit, The police are trapped under ground, Gordon is in the hospital, Catwoman is shaken and conflicted ect.

Both movies have a female in skin tight outfit with serious fighting skills and NO super powers. Who both miraculously only want their records wiped clean.

Arguably the main hero of both films is Iron Man and Batman. Two billionaire playboys with No powers and serious gadgetry.

Bane unleashes an army on the city by breaking all of the inmates out of the Asylum, while Loki brings an army to earth called the Chitauri.

We do not get to know any characters of either disposable armies.

Both sets of heroes rally together to face the evil armies.

Loki and Bane both have characters working for them that switch back to the good side by the end.

Jim Gordon and Nick Fury both have a secret that they have chosen not to share with the other good guys that eventually gets out causing doubts in their leadership. Both are revelations are overlooked for the greater good.

Both groups of heroes aren't fully assembled until one of them arrives on a motorcycle.
Banner in The Avengers and Catwoman using the Batcycle to free the police force in The Dark Knight Rises.

Police and heroes work together to take on the armies in both films.

During the battle Batman goes toe to toe with Bane
Iron Man goes toe to toe with Loki
Neither of these two can defeat their foe as the Hulk and Catwoman step up respectfully to finish the jobs.

Both Bruce and Tony have been working on clean energy solutions and their technology is hijacked by both villains.

Both have a new flying toy. Tony has a flying suit that can attach using autopilot and Bruce has an aircraft that can use autopilot as well.

Bruce's technology became a nuclear bomb that he had to fly out of the city before it exploded and he almost died.
Iron Man had to fly a nuclear bomb out city before it exploded and he almost died.

We find out that Thanos and Talia Al Ghul were really pulling the strings behind Loki and Bane respectively.

Our heroes scatter at the end but not before sitting down to eat in a deli in both films. (In Avengers after the credits).

The John Blake character is the only enigma in the comparison charts, but as there are rumors of Bucky returning in the next Captain America the Robin angle may soon be rectified.

Did I miss any?

Jul 12, 2012

When your children change your phone settings...

Recently I needed to get a hold of my wife and couldn't. Every single time I called her phone my cell asked for my password. When I entered my password it went straight to voicemail.

Needless to say I was perplexed. I turned off my phone and turned it back on again. Nothing! I tried calling from the office phone and my personal cell phone rang. I was thoroughly confused.

A little later Debbie texted me. Apparently texts could still come through.

It turns out that my children had been playing with Debbie's phone. They had forwarded all of her calls to me.

There are times when prayer can seem like this. We can pray and pray but feel like our prayers do not make it past the ceiling.

Try to remember that external circumstances can make us feel alone, but we never are. And the texts still come through. Rely on God's word during these tough times to show you the way.

Jul 4, 2012

Thoughts on this July 4th

Today is the birthday of our basic freedoms.

Freedom of speech - eroding through bills such as the hate crimes bill that polices thought.

Freedom of the press- stifled by naming everything an interest of national security

Freedom of religion-which was to keep the government out of the church not to offer tax exemption and threaten to take it away at every turn.

The right to bear arms- originally to secure a free nation. The people are now hopelessly outgunned if the nation becomes tyrannical.

The freedom that ensures that no one can be denied liberty without due process: there are several bills since the Patriot Act that reduce this right to a joke.

If you give up a little liberty to gain security you deserve neither and will lose both-Benjamin Franklin.

Happy birthday America. You are still free...for the moment.

Jul 3, 2012

Andy Griffith dies at 86

My wife and I visited Mount Airy, NC this year during our 10 year anniversary. I had know idea at the time that both George Lindsay (Goober) and Andy Griffith would pass away this year.

The Andy Griffith show has been my favorite television show my entire life. Sure there have been times where I felt like another show was my favorite but they all passed with each show passing.

Examples of these shows include MacGuiver, Full House, King of the Hill, and 24. Only Andy Griffith and Everybody Loves Raymond have endured for me.

My heart goes out to the entire Griffith family. My family was already planning on attending Mayberry Days in Mount Airy this fall. Now the experience will be even more emotional.

We will miss Andy for both his role as Sheriff Taylor and as Ben Matlock. And my hope and prayer is to see him again.