Jul 12, 2012

When your children change your phone settings...

Recently I needed to get a hold of my wife and couldn't. Every single time I called her phone my cell asked for my password. When I entered my password it went straight to voicemail.

Needless to say I was perplexed. I turned off my phone and turned it back on again. Nothing! I tried calling from the office phone and my personal cell phone rang. I was thoroughly confused.

A little later Debbie texted me. Apparently texts could still come through.

It turns out that my children had been playing with Debbie's phone. They had forwarded all of her calls to me.

There are times when prayer can seem like this. We can pray and pray but feel like our prayers do not make it past the ceiling.

Try to remember that external circumstances can make us feel alone, but we never are. And the texts still come through. Rely on God's word during these tough times to show you the way.


Amanda P. said...

good one!!

sheetal jain said...

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