Mar 24, 2012

Answers for Churches Struggling Financially

Are you tired of being broke as a church? Do you wish you could add that new staff member who could take your church to another level but you can’t afford him/her?

It is time for church leaders to take action to address this issue and ISS is here to help. On April 19th, we are putting on a FREE event in the Charlotte area to help churches FULLY-FUND vision.

There is no cost and no excuses. Our generous partners have under-written the costs for you to come. We have assembled an all-star lineup of some of the nation’s best Christian leaders who will teach from their own experience how to resource highly effective ministry.

Some of the speakers include:

*Perry Noble, NewSpring Church, Anderson, SC - who has seen the amount given per person at NewSpring Church increase by $10 or more each of the last several years.

*Bishop Walter Thomas, New Psalmist Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD - whose church completed a $55 million relocation during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

*Casey Graham, Founder of - Has helped thousands of churches increase their operational giving through systematic approaches to growing generosity.

*Mike Madding, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC - ad over 120 people give their life to Christ during the commitment phase of their capital campaign.

*Claton King, Crossroads Worldwide, evangelist, and campus pastor of Liberty Universtiy

Pastors and church leaders; your church needs you here, your community needs you here, and the Kingdom needs you here.

This one-day experience will change your ministry forever! Space is limited so click HERE to register your team now.

Mar 19, 2012

Top Ten Things Overheard on Noah's Ark

10. Grizzly Bear: I owe some free swim lessons to the porcupine that burrowed down in my straw bed last night.

9. Elephant (screaming): Noah, tell the mice to stay on their side of the ark.

8. A T-Rex to his mate: It's a good thing we made it before the door closed. We might have become extinct.

7. A female opossum exclaims that her mate has died. After a long pause the male stands and takes a bow saying, "Thank you. Thank you."

6. Are we there yet?

5. Skunk: If the hippos pas gas one more time you're all going to get it.

4. Noah organizing yet another search party to look for the Chameleons.

3. On day 39 of the flood several animals surround a single crab. "Let's get this straight, you can swim, you're here alone, and you're using our space and food supply?"

2. A rumor was spread that every few days Noah decides to throw an animal out of the ark. An hour later Noah is seen carrying a dove towards the window, yet returning empty handed.

1. Panicked screams when a nervous ostrich propels his head through the bottom of the ark.

What other things might have been heard on Noah's Ark?

Mar 12, 2012

5 Products Chuck Norris Should Approve

A new "Era" laundry detergent comercial is boasting that it has so much fight it is Chuck Norris approved. When I think of movies like "Missing in Action" and "Lone Wolf McQuade" the last thing I think of is clean clothing.

So I started thinking about what would be great products for Chuck Norris to endorse or approve. 

Here are five:

1. "Kix" cereal- For a limited time Chuck would grace the cover of this cereal box performing a kick. The slogan? Kid tested, Chuck Norris Approved.

2. Air Norris: Cowboy boots finally designed for athletic wear, complete with laces and non-marking soles. Chuck will borrow from the "Toms Shoes," one for one philosophy--for every pair sold another pair will be used to roundhouse kick a criminal in the face.

3. Norris Home Security: Statistics say that the mere sight of an "ADT" sign in someone's yard deters most criminals. I am guessing that a sign that says, "This house protected by Chuck Norris" will deter every criminal.

4. Chuck Norris Pound Cake: Each of these round cakes with an imprint of a fist in the top of each one.

5.  The Texas Ranger: This product is a walker for seniors that sports a shiny Texas Ranger badge right in the front (remember Chuck is 72 now).

I heard Chuck Norris speak a couple of years ago and actually got his autograph on the shirt I was wearing. In REAL life Chuck approves of Jesus and is not ashamed to openly endorse his Christian faith. 

Is it obvious that you approve of Jesus to those around you or are you only passionate about other things?

I am sure Chuck would approve of a missions trip to India I'm taking with my church this summer. I am finally parting with my Chuck Norris autographed shirt to raise part of the support. There is only one and it is $30. If you would like it click HERE to order.

What other items should Chuck Norris approve? What do you approve?

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Mar 9, 2012

What the Media Doesn't Want You to Know

This will be the only post you will ever see with no spiritual angle except that the truth will set you free. I have tried being subtle up to this point, so here goes nothing.  I have never been a very political supporter as a pastor because of the misconception most people have about the separation of church and state (not in the constitution although freedom of speech and religion are).

This post does NOT reflect the views of my church, denomination, or Christians in general. I am writing as a political independent, and as a blogger. I do not preach politics from the pulpit even though some may say that I am wielding influence through this blog. That may be true, but not of my flock. I am a youth pastor and the majority of my flock (all but two) are below voting age.

I have also written positive things about our past two administrations and continue to pray for and support our current leadership as I will with the next administration (regardless of who is in power). Bloggers are technically and legally a part of the press and I refuse to be apart of the media bias against ANY candidate from either party.

I'm not sure how all of the polls get their info or whether or not it is rigged, but i know each Facebook Page LIKE comes from a single individual. So, since I am skeptical of fluctuating polls as some of you are I went to each of the GOP candidates pages to see what Facebook users think and here are the results:

Mitt Romney 1,520,894 likes this · 99,946 talking about this
Ron Paul 901,939 like this 51,246 talking about this
Newt Gingrich 294,402 like this 38,277 talking about this
Rick Santorum 173,117 like this 40,330 talking about this

Wow there are 2 people pretty much left in the dust yet this support is not shown in the media, the polls, or even the voting. I am going on record as saying there is a very strange almost conspiracy like manner in which the mainstream media has ignored Ron Paul.

Rush Limbaugh has said he likes anyone but Ron Paul to run against the president (which should tell you something). It seems we are more than happy to vote our liberties away in favor of more of the same.

All of the debates have attacked our President while ignoring the previous administration. Spending has been out of control for the past 12 years. Only one guy actually threatens the status quo and the establishment is scared to death of him.

Only one candidate has sponsored a bill to define life at conception (4 different times).
Only one candidate has more financial support from active duty military than the rest of the candidates combined.
Only one predicted the financial housing collapse and opposes the FED printing money arbitrarily. Only one opposed EVERY SINGLE bailout.
Only one opposed sending soldiers to Iraq to play global cop (by the way we were there to get the WMD's).
Only one candidate has a plan to cut 1 trillion dollars from the budget by eliminating unconstitutional bureaucracy.
Only one voted against giving himself and other congressman raises--EVER!
Only one delivered 4000 babies while not accepting medicaid (because it is unconstitutional), instead he gave discounts, worked out cash plans, and even delivered for free.
I could go on . . .

Liberty or Nothing 2012!

Be sure to watch the following video:

Mar 7, 2012

Top 10 Rejected Children's Books

Here are the Top 10 Rejected Children's Books of 2012 

10. "Puff the Magic Dragon goes to Rehab"
  9. "Left Behind: The Kid's Guide to Hitchhiking"
  8. "Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence
  7. "When Vegetables Attack"
  6. "All Cats Go to Hell: and Other Songs for Sunday School"
  5. "The Magic World Inside of the Abandoned Refrigerator"
  4. "Thomas the Tank Engine Derails"
  3. Strangers Have the Best Candy"
  2. Things Rich Kids Have, but You Never Will
  1. "Pop! Goes the Hamster . . . And Other Microwave  

No one would actually think any of these titles are a good idea for children. If the life you lived in front of your children had a title, what would it be? 
   "He doesn't Practice What He Preaches?"
   "The People Who Yell at Me?"
   "Don't Talk While the TV's On?"

Just as we are worried about the content of a book or TV show, we should take stock of the story we are writing for our children to see.

Mar 5, 2012

There's No Poop on my Penny!

Sharing the Gospel can be a scary thing for many believers. Especially if you are the one bringing it up. The hardest part is getting someone to understand why our sin is so bad in the first place. 
I am going to quickly teach you a method I have been using one on one and in my message invitations for years. A quick and easy way to take a complete stranger (or friend) to the Gospel in one minute without being pushy.
Have you ever picked up a penny? Of course you have.  Would you fish a penny out of a toilet or the bottom of a trash can? Of course not! I certainly wouldn’t either. I would hate to reach my hand into a toilet or trashcan more than I would love to get a penny.
Suppose you went outside and saw a fresh, steaming pile of dog poop with a penny sticking out. Would you take it? Of course not!
Now, imagine for a moment that this room (or wherever you happen to be) is filled completely with fresh dog poop and there is a penny somewhere in the middle. There is no way you would try to rescue the penny.
What if the penny is you and the poop is your sin. God is repulsed by the smell and site of it, just like you would be of the poop. The difference is that He loves you more than He hates your sin. If you ask Him, He will wade through it all, clean you off, and add you to His collection. Acts 3:19  says Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.
Now you are ready to share the Gospel and only a minute has gone by. The best part is that you do not have to be the one to start the conversation. I have developed shirts that do the leg work for you.
Christian tee shirts have become repellant to most unbelievers. They already have an assumption of who Christians are. “There’s no poop on my penny” shirts do not look like Christian shirts at all. People will ask you what it means and within a minute you will be ready to share the Gospel.
You can order your own at the InsideNatesHead store. 
(Sales from the shirts go to help my wife and I go on a mission trip to India this)
WARNING: Do not wear this shirt if you are unwilling to share Christ, because once someone’s curiosity is peaked it's too late!

Jesus the Cavity Filler

My entire family just finished up at the dentist. We were in for a check up and our 6 month cleaning.

As usual I had to get any plaque scraped off that has build up since our last visit. Unchecked this can lead to cavities.

Cavities are empty voids of decay that eat away at our teeth. Unchecked sin does the same thing to our lives.

God's word will reveal what needs fixed and then we can bring our damaged areas to the Great Dentist. He can fill any cavity in any life.

Have you had a check up lately?

Mar 4, 2012

Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars Concept Artist) Dies at 82

Ralph McQuarrie the conceptual artist behind Star Wars has died at the age of 82. McQuarrie was the first person George Lucas brought on board to help him paint his Star Wars vision. And paint he did, as he painted the conceptual art for some of the most iconic characters ever to grace the silver screen.

Darth Vader, R2D2, C3PO and Chewbacca started in Lucas' mind, but were shaped by the brush of Ralph McQuarrie. He won an Oscar in 1985 for his concept work on Cocoon. He also did artwork for "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "Back to the Future," "Total Recall,"  "Raiders of the Lost Ark,"and "Battle Star Galactica" (the original).

Ralph McQuarrie may have passed from this life, but his work lives on in the minds and imaginations of generations of Sci-Fi and adventure fans.

Life is short and time is fleeting. What are you doing that will outlive you?