Mar 5, 2012

There's No Poop on my Penny!

Sharing the Gospel can be a scary thing for many believers. Especially if you are the one bringing it up. The hardest part is getting someone to understand why our sin is so bad in the first place. 
I am going to quickly teach you a method I have been using one on one and in my message invitations for years. A quick and easy way to take a complete stranger (or friend) to the Gospel in one minute without being pushy.
Have you ever picked up a penny? Of course you have.  Would you fish a penny out of a toilet or the bottom of a trash can? Of course not! I certainly wouldn’t either. I would hate to reach my hand into a toilet or trashcan more than I would love to get a penny.
Suppose you went outside and saw a fresh, steaming pile of dog poop with a penny sticking out. Would you take it? Of course not!
Now, imagine for a moment that this room (or wherever you happen to be) is filled completely with fresh dog poop and there is a penny somewhere in the middle. There is no way you would try to rescue the penny.
What if the penny is you and the poop is your sin. God is repulsed by the smell and site of it, just like you would be of the poop. The difference is that He loves you more than He hates your sin. If you ask Him, He will wade through it all, clean you off, and add you to His collection. Acts 3:19  says Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.
Now you are ready to share the Gospel and only a minute has gone by. The best part is that you do not have to be the one to start the conversation. I have developed shirts that do the leg work for you.
Christian tee shirts have become repellant to most unbelievers. They already have an assumption of who Christians are. “There’s no poop on my penny” shirts do not look like Christian shirts at all. People will ask you what it means and within a minute you will be ready to share the Gospel.
You can order your own at the InsideNatesHead store. 
(Sales from the shirts go to help my wife and I go on a mission trip to India this)
WARNING: Do not wear this shirt if you are unwilling to share Christ, because once someone’s curiosity is peaked it's too late!

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