Mar 12, 2012

5 Products Chuck Norris Should Approve

A new "Era" laundry detergent comercial is boasting that it has so much fight it is Chuck Norris approved. When I think of movies like "Missing in Action" and "Lone Wolf McQuade" the last thing I think of is clean clothing.

So I started thinking about what would be great products for Chuck Norris to endorse or approve. 

Here are five:

1. "Kix" cereal- For a limited time Chuck would grace the cover of this cereal box performing a kick. The slogan? Kid tested, Chuck Norris Approved.

2. Air Norris: Cowboy boots finally designed for athletic wear, complete with laces and non-marking soles. Chuck will borrow from the "Toms Shoes," one for one philosophy--for every pair sold another pair will be used to roundhouse kick a criminal in the face.

3. Norris Home Security: Statistics say that the mere sight of an "ADT" sign in someone's yard deters most criminals. I am guessing that a sign that says, "This house protected by Chuck Norris" will deter every criminal.

4. Chuck Norris Pound Cake: Each of these round cakes with an imprint of a fist in the top of each one.

5.  The Texas Ranger: This product is a walker for seniors that sports a shiny Texas Ranger badge right in the front (remember Chuck is 72 now).

I heard Chuck Norris speak a couple of years ago and actually got his autograph on the shirt I was wearing. In REAL life Chuck approves of Jesus and is not ashamed to openly endorse his Christian faith. 

Is it obvious that you approve of Jesus to those around you or are you only passionate about other things?

I am sure Chuck would approve of a missions trip to India I'm taking with my church this summer. I am finally parting with my Chuck Norris autographed shirt to raise part of the support. There is only one and it is $30. If you would like it click HERE to order.

What other items should Chuck Norris approve? What do you approve?

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Holly Michael said...

loved the post. Holly

Nate Garrett said...

Thank you Holly!

madelyn said...

Funniest blog posting i've read thus far! Ha! Ha! Ha! I must say the pound cake idea was boss.