Hey there! I'm Nate Garrett and I may just be the luckiest man alive. I have never won the lottery. No, I didn't slip in the bathroom at Walmart and win a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

I have been electrocuted, ran over, set on fire, and even had the hiccups for 7 days straight. However, I'm guessing you don't consider those things lucky.

I'm lucky because I ended up with just about the hottest wife a man can ask for. Did I mention patient? Debbie has put up with me for over 10 years of marriage. She also agreed to name our children after Star Wars characters.

Speaking of lucky, Luke and Leia are awesome kids who constantly surprise me with there wit, creativity, and compassion.

Do you have your dream job? I do. No, I don't make a hundred grand, but I am completely fulfilled. I work with teens in an out of the box church known as The Bridge in NC. We have a clique free youth group (yup, I know its hard to believe).

I speak at Disciple Now Weekends, retreats and other youth events. But the thing you may know me for is that I get to write posts for this blog. Told you I was lucky, in fact you are part of the reason I am. Thanks for reading!

I love Jesus with all of my heart and want to let Him show in all that I do! I typically write about leadership, pop culture, politics, and spiritual analogies. I have placed some links below as a sampling of my posts.

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               It's Never Too Late

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              Twitter: @InsideNatesHead

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