Oct 14, 2009

Believers do not have "Freedom of Speech"

When I write a title like "Believers do not have Freedom of Speech", Christians will open my blog expecting to say "Amen brother, we are losing our freedoms".  That is not what I am driving at today, rather I am hoping to make you think.  If you are not a believer in Jesus than this blog will not apply to you but you are welcome to read on.  If you are a Christian than  read and listen carefully.  We who follow Jesus are called to give up certain freedoms.  The first is our "right" to be in charge "you are bought with a price . . .", "lay down your life, pick up your cross".  

Actually let me start from the beginning so that you will understand my rant.  I was enjoying a Caramel High Rise Cooler at Caribou Coffee this morning when I caught part of a conversation going on beside me.  The people involved had just finished up a prayer meeting and are from a great local church that has my respect.  What I am saying is that there was no doubt to anyone present, that these were Christians.  Their conversation turned to the present economy, with one gentleman saying sarcastically that President Obama said that the recession is over.  That is when the lady next to him proclaimed, rather loudly, "Obama is an idiot!". 

Good, now you are caught up to speed.  Now I can begin.  First of all, as an American she had the right to say what she did about a governing ruler, but as a Christian we are called to obey God rather than man.  God calls us to "not let any harsh word come out of our mouths," as well as "respect the powers that be."  It is time for Christians to voice their concerns without malice.  We can disagree without stooping to hateful rhetoric.  We should not be referring to our President as "Obama" or "Barack".  He is "President Obama" and should receive a great deal more respect from believers than from anywhere else.  Remember that the lost will know we are believers by "our love for one another" and by "seeing our good works and glorifying our father who is in heaven."                        

If you are an American you have the right to worship whatever god you want and say what you want  about who you want.  If you are a believer you need to realize that you are free in Christ, but free from sin and not free to sin.  We may not worship any god we want or speak words that tear others down, especially our leaders.  Remember that under Caesar, Jesus called for obedience, and even in slavery, Paul called for obedience.  We must be Jesus to this world. This will not happen if we retain this partisan, anti anyone who disagrees with us attitude.  These three remain Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is Love.  What the world needs now is Love, Love, LOVE!