Mar 24, 2010

The Health Care Fiasco

Well, I am finally going to weigh in on the Health Care bill.  I am very much in favor of obeying the powers that be, unless they ask me to do something that violates God's standards.  With that being said I am appalled to have any of my taxes going to support any abortions (even in the cases of rape and incest).  Sadly, this is just one of the problems I have with the bill.

This is the first time that the federal government has EVER forced the American people to buy ANYTHING!  Even car insurance only affects those who drive automobiles.  This bill affects everyone.  We must buy health insurance under penalty of law.  Fortunately, over thirteen states so far are suing to show that the commerce clause of the constitution does not permit this type of mandate.

I have also been watching MSNBCs ultra-biased coverage of the threats that are being made against democratic congressional members and the rocks thrown through windows of DNC offices nationwide.  Ok, aren't there cameras outside of the these offices, and can't we tap phones? Why are we are recording calls but not tracing calls?  There is no footage of any of the rocks or bricks?  No arrests have been made and any threats actually claiming that they will kill a congressman have no recordings.  It is just them saying that it happened.  Now does all of this mean that it is being faked to demonize the right wingers of this country?  No, not necessarily, but I do have to ask myself who stands to gain ground in the eyes of Americans when this is a top story on every network.

If these acts are really being perpetrated by so called "conservatives"  then my response is to say, "Why"?  Why terrorize families and democratic congressmen for expressing their beliefs and voting their conscious?  We will not always agree and sometimes there is a price for stupidity.  There is not a reason to insight violence or revolution over a healthcare bill that may see its downfall in the states.  We should be calling our state Attorney Generals and asking them to file suit along with the rising number of states coming to their senses.  Let's take the high road in realizing that the U.S. Constitution is on the side of the States and their people.