Mar 19, 2012

Top Ten Things Overheard on Noah's Ark

10. Grizzly Bear: I owe some free swim lessons to the porcupine that burrowed down in my straw bed last night.

9. Elephant (screaming): Noah, tell the mice to stay on their side of the ark.

8. A T-Rex to his mate: It's a good thing we made it before the door closed. We might have become extinct.

7. A female opossum exclaims that her mate has died. After a long pause the male stands and takes a bow saying, "Thank you. Thank you."

6. Are we there yet?

5. Skunk: If the hippos pas gas one more time you're all going to get it.

4. Noah organizing yet another search party to look for the Chameleons.

3. On day 39 of the flood several animals surround a single crab. "Let's get this straight, you can swim, you're here alone, and you're using our space and food supply?"

2. A rumor was spread that every few days Noah decides to throw an animal out of the ark. An hour later Noah is seen carrying a dove towards the window, yet returning empty handed.

1. Panicked screams when a nervous ostrich propels his head through the bottom of the ark.

What other things might have been heard on Noah's Ark?


Holly Michael said...

This is hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!!Holly Michael

Ivy said...

Lol. Too funny! I think #2 is my favorite! Lol.

Thanks for the laughs!