Mar 9, 2012

What the Media Doesn't Want You to Know

This will be the only post you will ever see with no spiritual angle except that the truth will set you free. I have tried being subtle up to this point, so here goes nothing.  I have never been a very political supporter as a pastor because of the misconception most people have about the separation of church and state (not in the constitution although freedom of speech and religion are).

This post does NOT reflect the views of my church, denomination, or Christians in general. I am writing as a political independent, and as a blogger. I do not preach politics from the pulpit even though some may say that I am wielding influence through this blog. That may be true, but not of my flock. I am a youth pastor and the majority of my flock (all but two) are below voting age.

I have also written positive things about our past two administrations and continue to pray for and support our current leadership as I will with the next administration (regardless of who is in power). Bloggers are technically and legally a part of the press and I refuse to be apart of the media bias against ANY candidate from either party.

I'm not sure how all of the polls get their info or whether or not it is rigged, but i know each Facebook Page LIKE comes from a single individual. So, since I am skeptical of fluctuating polls as some of you are I went to each of the GOP candidates pages to see what Facebook users think and here are the results:

Mitt Romney 1,520,894 likes this · 99,946 talking about this
Ron Paul 901,939 like this 51,246 talking about this
Newt Gingrich 294,402 like this 38,277 talking about this
Rick Santorum 173,117 like this 40,330 talking about this

Wow there are 2 people pretty much left in the dust yet this support is not shown in the media, the polls, or even the voting. I am going on record as saying there is a very strange almost conspiracy like manner in which the mainstream media has ignored Ron Paul.

Rush Limbaugh has said he likes anyone but Ron Paul to run against the president (which should tell you something). It seems we are more than happy to vote our liberties away in favor of more of the same.

All of the debates have attacked our President while ignoring the previous administration. Spending has been out of control for the past 12 years. Only one guy actually threatens the status quo and the establishment is scared to death of him.

Only one candidate has sponsored a bill to define life at conception (4 different times).
Only one candidate has more financial support from active duty military than the rest of the candidates combined.
Only one predicted the financial housing collapse and opposes the FED printing money arbitrarily. Only one opposed EVERY SINGLE bailout.
Only one opposed sending soldiers to Iraq to play global cop (by the way we were there to get the WMD's).
Only one candidate has a plan to cut 1 trillion dollars from the budget by eliminating unconstitutional bureaucracy.
Only one voted against giving himself and other congressman raises--EVER!
Only one delivered 4000 babies while not accepting medicaid (because it is unconstitutional), instead he gave discounts, worked out cash plans, and even delivered for free.
I could go on . . .

Liberty or Nothing 2012!

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Susan L said...

Nate, good job. I agree that the blame game has to stop, the country has been out of control for way longer than 4 years. I wish everyone would just roll up their sleeves and work. Stop over spending, stop arguing, stop pointing fingers and make changes so our children aren't faced with the same. At this point does anyone really care who was right? I don't but my political views are the same as yours, I do not vote party, I vote who I feel can run this country.

On a side note, you are correct with playing cop, there was absolutely no evidence of WMD, it was a vendetta and I can speak with knowledge since my father was part of the National Security Agency at that time.

Nate Garrett said...

Great point Susan. Genocide occurs in parts of Africa all of the time, but oil is not at stake so we only seem concerned with the middle east. Which shows our ignorance since anything we do over there drives up prices here.