Sep 9, 2009

Karate Chop Jesus

I had the opportunity to speak last night at a local Methodist Church women's meeting about a possibly teen center in our area.

What was interesting is that I stood in front of a picture of Jesus that looked as if he had Karate Chop Action.  I just had to snap a picture.  It was painted in 1958.

 I thought about the time Jesus turned the tables on the money changers and could almost see the "Karate Chop" in motion.  I do not however, really see Jesus, as someone who would put a pounding on someone.

Speaking of a pounding, we ate from 6 varieties of pound cake afterwards.  I am truly concerned for our country.  Every woman at this meeting under 50 contributed ice cream or dinnerware.

It was only the older women who pleased the palette with pound cake.  My friends we are 20 years from going to gatherings that are pound cake-less.   This will be a dark day for America.

Learn how to make pound cake and pass on this blessing while you still can.


Emily said...

Don't worry, Nate. I know how to make pound cake (sour cream is my hubby's favorite). I'll pass my Granny's receipe to my kids

Donna (mom) said...

I don't make pound cake because your dad has never liked it! Got fed up with it after having it for years growing up. Personally, I would rather have fluffy normal cake any day!

Thomas said...

Great blog! I agree with the pound cake delimma. Maybe we should start a Facebook cause! Thanks Nate!

Tiffany said...

This is a great blog! Not just this one, but all of them so far (except the first one.) I didn't realize you were such a good writer--I already knew you were funny though. ;) These "articles" belong in some magazine. The "personal opinion" stuff is what I enjoy in my magazines--like "Mom's View" in Womens'Day---random stuff from this funny mom. Alright, I've complemented you enough. Oh, and I like how you post when you've put something new on here w/facebook, because I forget. Then I can just click on the link.

Inside Nate's Head said...

Thanks Tiffany, do me a favor and email any posts you like to others and ask them to comment, this will increase circulation and start conversations among the people who comment. I really appreciate the feedback.

Sonya said...

Ok so why is it that women have to know how to cook pound cake. Get the recipe yourself and make it. I'm sure it would taste just the same, especially if I cooked it, lol meaning mine probably would not taste so good.