Sep 7, 2009

Labor Day - "A Rest From Unemployment"

We are a very label conscious society.  We read labels for nutrition information if we are counting calories, for natural/organic content if paranoid of artificial processed fillers, or for name brands if materialistically savvy.  I remember shortly after 9/11 (when America's view of France was about as lows as their view of us) that a boycott of all things French was on the rise.  We were eating "Freedom" Fries, "Freedom" Toast, and even "Freedom" Kissing our spouses (ok, so that last one was just me).  It was during this time that "French's Mustard" (a British  owned company) issued statements separating them from France and reminding them that Mr. Robert T. French was born in New York.

Now for all of our label consciousness and despite our recession, high unemployment, and many toy recalls on China based products (that lack proper inspection to the point that they contain lead) we still ignore the label that tell us the point of origin.  I am not suggesting that we go deeper in debt by buying overpriced brands and items just because they sport a U.S.A. logo, but I am saying that the point of manufacture decal should play a role in consumer decision making.  If it is a better deal and suits your other label conscious aforementioned needs then we owe it to ourselves and our fellow countrymen (many of whom are waiting in line for unemployment) to buy American.  If you do not care or have not been personally been affected let me appeal to your selfish tendencies by reminding you that the amount of people on unemployment and welfare (not to mention bailouts for the corporate sector) directly determine tax increases that will affect you personally.  

Let's all do our part this Labor Day to make this country a better place to live, work, buy, and sell.
Happy Labor Day!


1 who has been changed said...

It is our money & we should use it to support that which is good for our country men. This includes not only USA purchases anytime we have a CHOICE, but also not supporting companies & "stars" that use the money to promote anti-God, anti-family, anti-life, etc positions. The choice is ours you will put your money where your values are aws it should be!

Inside Nate's Head said...

Well Said!