Sep 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget?

Well it was eight years ago today (if I post this before midnight) that we were attacked by terrorists.  I can still remember everything.  Where I was, who I called, and my anger and pride as an American boiling within me.  We said and did a lot of things in the days that followed.  We promised to remember and vowed to never forget.  American flags topped every antenna, while magnets and stickers shouted patriotism from every car I followed.  There were definitely more magnets than stickers (which explains why they are all but gone today).  Bipartisan decisions were made, justice was sought and we were all united (or as united as we have been in my lifetime).

Two years later we were arguing with each other and protesting the dissenters.  What happened?  Well I guess it depends on what position you took or take currently.  We were attacked by Osama Bin Laden who was in the Taliban located in Afghanistan.  We had attacked and leveled them quickly, restructuring the country quite well.  The problem was that we had not found Bin Laden and we as a society did not feel justice had been done.  Despite our views of our President's decision about Iraq we did want something else to happen.  In retrospect the idea of a war on terror rather than a war against the Taliban within Afghanistan is a never ending struggle that will live long beyond the memory of those that felt wronged.  This is like trying to find an assassin and after searching to no avail, declare that our new job is to find every assassin on the planet.  We entered into a war that could never end but still would end as soon as someone new took charge.

In the "War on Terror" we never took care of North Korea, Iran, China or even the securing of our borders. We are therefore no more safe now, than we were before 9/11 (except on an airplane from any would be passenger attempting to smuggle a finger nail clipper aboard).  We lost a lot of good people on 9/11, let's not forget that it was radical fundamentalist Islamic extremists that were responsible.  They hate and still hate us because of our support for Israel (so far), the high number of Christians on our soil, and the debauchery that our society has fallen into (the last area definitely needs improvement).  The threat is still real, and we should still be looking for either common ground to unite our parties or drop out of both broken parties and vote your conscience as this Blogger has been doing for years.

I don't know where you stand but I will NEVER FORGET!

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1 who has been changed said...

& what is the current climate within our Media & Gov't the people who they treat as the problem are Christians who actually follow rather than change Bible truth to suit themselves. The people who seek to love and serve God & man without taxpayer money are the ones put down as intolerant by those who will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with their opinions. (What great examples of tolerance.)

Donna (mom) said...

Couldn't of said it better myself!

Tiffany said...

That's why Nate said it. lol