Feb 16, 2012

Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter Dies at 57

Gary Carter the Hall of Fame catcher who helped the Mets win the 1986 World Series died today at age 57. I remember watching him as a kid. He was one of those quiet leaders who was never hyped up.

It was people like Gary Carter, Robin Yount, and George Brett who were great enough for the Hall of Fame, but overlooked by baseball card collecting kids. The hype surrounded people like Frank Thomas who are easily forgotten by history.

In life it is not popularity that is important, but consistency. Gary Carter comes from the era right before the strikes and steroids scandals. The church can feel this way at times. We have artificial holiness(the steroids of works), and church splits(strikes). We can learn a lot about dedication and quiet leadership from Gary Carter and many in his generation.

Thanks for the memories Gary. You will be missed.

Below is his last career hit. Feel the emotion and the love between Gary and his fans:

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