Feb 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dies at the Age of 48

Tomorrow the Grammy awards will be held, celebrating the best musicians of today. There was perhaps none better and more influential than Whitney Houston who has died at the age of 48. Stars like Mariah Carey and Christiana Aguilera owe much of their career to the influence of the late pop icon.

Her career was far from over. She was getting ready for the release of her upcoming onscreen musical, Sparkle and it was rumored that she would possibly join Simon Cowell on the X Factor. I remember Simon giving extremely bad feedback to any artist on American Idol who dared to try to sing a Whitney Houston song.

I always admired how she kept her music and image cleaner than most pop singer in the sexual realm. Even when she married Bobby Brown, got involved in drugs and behaved erratically she still maintained the respect of singers and fans everywhere.

Her God given gifts were remarkable. It is very fitting that her last public performance this passed Thursday was to sing Jesus Loves Me. A gift like she had seems rarely bestowed and is not to be taken lightly. But, then again neither are the gifts God has given you. When your life is over will we be able to say why you were here? Will we know without a doubt what your purpose was? Get out there and use your gifts, because there was only one Whitney and there is only one you.

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Ivy said...

This is beautifully written! I needed to read something like this tonight! Thank you!

Nate Garrett said...

Thank you Ivy, and I needed to read a comment like this tonight. This is the most read post I have what people think. All of my comments are usually on Facebook when I post there. Thanks again :)

sonya said...

I love when she sang Jesus loves me!