Feb 22, 2012

The Candidate with the Most Military Support

I usually steer clear of supporting a political candidate because of a "law" or rather tax code that states that pastors may not support a particular candidate. After examining the constitution on this matter I have found that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. 

This means that they may not give rules on tax exemptions, but must leave religion alone. Even if there is cause for them to silence my ramblings, I am not in my church and as a blogger am protected by freedom of the press as well as freedom of speech. I am also not in favor of either political party as I am an independent and have voted democrat, republican, & independent. I am simply for the constitution.

I am still not supporting one candidate, but I do want to level the playing field. I am writing to right an injustice. Our news media has tried to silence and even exclude positive polls in the direction of one candidate. And so this will be a small step media wise to get some of the truth out there. There is only one candidate (in either party) who has never waffled on any issue and is a strict constitutionalist. That candidate is Ron Paul

He received several boos in the Arizona debate tonight from war happy Republicans ready to send someone else's sons and daughters to war against Iran. Why? because he has been in the military and understands what "common DEFENSE" means. We were not meant to be global cop!

Every news media outlet has marginalized him and even failed to cover certain stories. They have even painted him as an isolationist. Here are the facts: He is a non-interventionist and has the MOST financial support form CURRENT active duty troops by a long shot. 

Below is a video of 500 troops and veterans marching on the White House on President's Day. Have you heard about this? My guess is no. 

Where does this fall into my usually spiritual blogs. Well, I'll tell you. It is integrity! Like him or not--disagree with him or not, we can all learn from him. As believers we should stay in the fight even when the outcome looks doubtful, and press on toward the high calling that is in Christ.

I am not saying that any candidate is God's man or even Godly, but we can sure learn from integrity. Freedom is a great thing and only the Truth can set us free.

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sonya said...

I have to say I actually got a little emotional watching this video. Reminded me of Mel Gibson in "Braveheart".