Feb 4, 2012

Judgment Free Zone? Really?

You've probably seen the commercials. Planet Fitness is a "Judgement Free Zone". How refreshing that a company would seek to stamp out judgmental attitudes. 

We've all seen the muscle bound jock who grunts like a constipated gorilla to lift a weight so big that you would rent a fork lift to move. It always ends with a resounding thud, as he sends the weights careening to the ground. We all look up in awe, and wish we could be that strong!

Then there is the girl who turns every head, making it a very dangerous environment to be lifting heavy weights. Her hair is never out of place, her makeup doesn't smear when she sweats, she wears only a sports bra and her pants might as well be painted on. There is usually some sort of word across the backside, but it might as well say unattainable. As much as you work out nothing seems to help. 

Unless we are not meant to be them. And we are not. Planet Fitness recognizes this and has rules in place to avoid judgment. There is a dress code to makes sure that "the girl" mentioned above purchases clothing. There is also a "lunk" alarm that goes off if weights are dropped. 

The other day I was on the treadmill when some weights hit the floor and the alarm blared. We all glanced over simultaneously with a look that said "loser". At that moment it hit me. We can work really hard to keep the overachievers from judging us (or more accurately cause us to judge ourselves), only to be the ones judging them.

I think the same is true in the church. A church can work so hard to not major on the minors that we will marginalize other Christians who have any strong convictions that we deem legalistic. Is legalism a bad thing? Yes. Did Jesus confront legalists? Yes. Did Jesus love and die for legalists? Absolutely. 

In our effort to not be judgmental lets beware of thinking we are better than those who think they are better than us.

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