Jan 29, 2011

Randumblog's Interview With Jerry Jenkins

     There are very few people (with a pulse) who have not heard of the Left Behind series from Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. They have sold over 70,000,000 copies and still continue to climb. Jerry Jenkins has a new book out called The Brotherhood (my complete review here).

     He agreed to do an e-interview for Randumblog about the book's release. I am excited about the chance to interview a writer who has authored over 175 books. Please feel free to share this article with others so we can get the word out about this amazing book.

Nate: Good morning Jerry. Thank you for agreeing to do this e-interview. I know you are a busy man so I will keep it brief. In fact this may be your first interview in a while that does not mention the sweeping success of the Left Behind series. Oops, I guess I just blew that one.                                                                                The Brotherhood is coming out on February 1st and I must say I am excited. What inspired you to do a cop drama?
Jerry: As the son of a police chief and the brother of two cops, I was raised in the milieu and always fascinated by it. I love police thrillers and cop shows on TV. And in a previous life (in the sixties) I actually worked three cases as an undercover drug buyer--a narc. Believe me, writing is an easier way to make a living. Plus, I set this story in Chicago, where I lived for 35 years, so this was sort of a labor of love. 
Nate: This is the first book that has actually moved me to tears and I am not just talking about the sniffles. I had to stop reading it for the rest of the day. Were you going for tears when you decided to take the story in a painful direction? 
Jerry: I teach that if there are no tears in the writer, there will be no tears in the reader. It's only fair that you cried while reading, as I cried while writing. I wasn't necessarily "going" for tears; I was just telling a story that happened to move me.  
Nate: The story's main character Boone Drake is very easy to relate to. Is he based off of anyone you know? 
Jerry: My characters are always composites of people I know. I might use one person's name, another's gender, another's hair, another's voice, etc. And I have lots of cops in my extended family, so their personalities, histories, and even elements of their cases find their way into the story. 
Nate: The plot involves police drama, loss, and even the mafia. I have always been a fan of mafia movies. How much research did you have to do on Chicago's seedy underworld? 
Jerry: Yes, I always do lots and lots of research. And I'm still doing it, as The Brotherhood is the first of a trilogy. 
Nate: The Brotherhood really handles the, 'Where's God when I'm hurting' question in a way I could understand. What would you like to see people take away from Boone Drake's experiences? 
Jerry: Hopefully each reader takes a personal message from the story--whatever he or she needs at the time. As you say, where-is-God-now is a big element here, so whether the reader is going through something as deep as Boone or just the normal struggles of life, there should be something here for him or her. 
Nate: Last question Jerry. I have been reading some interesting things on your Twitter account (@JerryBJenkins) about your recent trip to China. What was the single best moment of your trip? 
Jerry: On the way home Dianna and I stopped in Bangkok and met our sixth grandchild, an almost-four-year-old boy named Max. Our son and daughter-in-law haven't even met him yet, though they have been in the process of adopting him for three years. It was bittersweet. He's so cute and precious, and he's happy and in a good place, but it killed us to leave him. He needs a home and family, and we pray that will happen soon. 
Nate: Thank you again for your time. The Brotherhood is available in stores now or for order online at Amazon and other retailers. I am already looking forward to the next book in this series. 
Jerry: Thanks, Nate. Happy to say The Brotherhood is available for Kindle too.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Can't wait to read the book!

Jason Morris said...

Interesting interview nate, though this caught my attention " Where's God when I'm hurting' question"

This was a huge transformation I had recently when I came to understand the theology of suffering. In essense Christianity is centered on suffering, we are ALL called to bear our own cross and pick it up and follow Christ. the Early Christians knew this well as most of where killed for doing Christs work.

Modern Christianity has this false illusion that prayer for example is like rubbbing a magic lamb in which all our wishes and desires will be granted... its not!

In suffering we grow in holiness by suffering we become more like Christ whom defines suffering. The question of where is God when I'm suffering shouldn't be directed towards but but ourselfs. Where is our faith when we are suffering? God is always there but we are not, the proper response to suffering is to offer it up to cross and nail it to the cross with Christs suffering.

Inside Nate's Head said...

Wow, Jason that is so true. You will love "The Brotherhood". This book never makes excuses for God and you will have to read to see how Boone grows as a result of pain.
Right on! 'No pain no gain' in the Christian life.

One who has been changed said...

Great interview and I look forward to reading the book.(When it comes out in paperback since I try to watch expenses) Good Job in passing on the detailed review of the book.

Inside Nate's Head said...

One who has been changed--It is available in paperback from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Brotherhood-Precinct-11-Jerry-Jenkins/dp/1414309228 You can also check Walmart.com since they do site to store shipping for free