Jan 24, 2011

The State of the Church

Tomorrow night President Obama will deliver his State of the Union Address.  The nation will gather (or at least those without cable or satellite) to hear his perspective on how we are doing.  But my question is how are we doing as a church?  So here is my address for the church:

When it comes to unity we are divided and not just denominationally.  One thing that continues to divide believers is political party affiliation.  I have seen arguments break out in the church lobby, small groups, and even after services in the sanctuary.  When did all of this bickering begin?  Usually very early.  Think about what party your parents belonged to.  Are you still in the same party?

Perhaps our differences in ideology spring from a misunderstanding of who we are as Christians.
Jesus said,  "let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Matt.5:16).  He also said we are to take care of those hurting most in our society (Matthew 25:35-39).

The problem is that we want to legislate good works or social programs depending on which party we fall into.  Remember, we cannot subcontract out our responsibilities to a political party.  Upholding our morals to better represent Christ and providing for the poor are our responsibilities.  Jesus summed it up with the Great Commandment, and if we love God and others then both will take care of themselves.  Our country needs a change of heart not law.  Let's show them who He is by how we live and love.

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deb_beelg07 said...

This is so true! I don't beleive I ever even questioned my politcal affiliation until several years in college...or probably more acurately when I met you :) I just assumed what my parents chose, was also what was right for me. However, as much as I hate politics, I understand now the importance of a balance. There is good on both sides. It is our job as Christians not to just go with whatever has worked for us in the past, but to evaluate and pray for wisdom in the choices we make in who we elect. Most importantly, as the body of Christ, we should be investing in the lives of others, meeting their needs wherever we can and not passing off the responsibilities God has given us. I believe that while the task is daunting, we can make a huge differance for Christ one person at a time.

Susan L said...

Great blog Nate! Very true on all levels.