Jan 6, 2011

Simple Ways to Change the World

If you had slept through this entire week, would the world be worse because of your absence?  If the answer is no then you have something to work on.  Ask yourself what you can do this weekend or next week to improve the lives of those around you.  Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Smile more
Be positive in a negative situation
Don't walk past someone who looks stressed without a saying a kind word
Park further away so someone else can have a closer space
Treat waiters with care as if they will be the ones tipping you
Invest in someone who is not as far along as you

There are many other ways to make a difference.  Don't let another week go by without making your mark.   If you are a follower of Jesus it should be known by your love.  The world needs to see his love in action.  Don't sleep through it.

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Tony said...

I love simple tips like this. So many are overwhelmed at the thought of making a mark and changing the world and since it seems so big they don't do anything. These are the kinds of little things that really make a difference.

Laura Milner said...

love this... tweet worthy!