Jan 20, 2011

The Power of the Word 'NO'

I remember when my family first bought a microwave.  It was a beast.  The thing weighed more than our oven and an entire turkey could fit in there.  Ours was a Magic Chef sporting two giant dials and a loud bell sound when the timer finished buzzing.  I am pretty sure it was a warning sound due to the radioactive fallout left behind in its wake.  Once we came out of our bunker and threw back the heavy door we were thankful for the twenty minutes saved by the quick nuke.

It is now a dinosaur laying in a landfill somewhere completely intact (I am pretty sure it cannot be destroyed).  What still gets me after all this time is all of the accessories that vendors were selling.  They had food containers to microwave anything in.  There were containers shaped like eggs, potatoes, bacon and many more.  Everyone thought they needed a separate container for each job.  We know now that the microwave can do its job just fine without all of these extra items.  The Wii accessories remind me of these relics of yesteryear.

Do you have a lot of small commitments clamoring for your time.  Yes, you have gifts.  No, you do not have to do everything that comes along just because you are gifted in a certain area.  Your time is precious.  Free yourself up to do what you are truly passionate about.  A powerful word to have in your vocabulary is 'NO'.  You will save time and be more effective at what you do.  Isn't that why the microwave caught on in the first place?

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Laura Milner said...

this is one of my biggest struggle. I can't seem to say no. Thanks for the post.