Jan 19, 2011

Are You Playing it Safe?

Many of us play it safe.  We frequent familiar restaurants, sit in our "normal" seats at church, get up at the same time each day, and socialize with a certain group of people.  It is our routine and it feels safe.

It is safe because of the predictability it brings.  What a curious bunch we are.  People will bash a movie or stop watching a television drama if it becomes too predictable (sitcoms are another story).  We like the element of surprise, but not in our personal lives.

I have seen people visibly upset when someone is in "their" seat.  If there is one person at a six seat table at the coffee shop, we will wait for a table to open up rather than break the ice with a stranger.  On the flip side we feel a sense of comfort when a server remembers our usual or how we like our coffee.

Predictable people can still have joy in their lives.  They are not miserable for staying in the familiar, but they rarely make a lasting impact on society.  Try to think of a predictable person who made a difference.  If you can think of anyone, such as the lady who wrestled the ammo out of the Arizona shooter's hand, then it was only for her moment of unpredictability.

Do something different.  Crawl out of the box and then burn it.  Sit in a different seat, meet someone new, and see life from a new perspective.  Have a dream?  What are you waiting for?  Is it on your bucket list?  Don't assume you have time.  Live your dreams now.  Eternity is next on the agenda and you only have one shot to give this world something it will never see again.  You!

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Ashley said...

LOVE the new blog. Something I really needed to hear/read today. Thank you! :)

deb_beelg07 said...

Great blog! This is something I always need to be reminded on! Thanks! :)

Inside Nate's Head said...

You are both welcome!

Susan L said...

Another great read . . .thank you! Although I do tend to sit in the same row, same seat at church every Sunday and it feels not right when I sit somewhere else. Everywhere else I tend to live out of the box I believe that is truly the only way to live life.

Sonya said...

Great blog, I used to keep my bucketlist on my fridge, lol. I was upstairs and found the other day. I had accomplished 2 of those 10 items, only 8 more to go! I agree, live life to the fulliest. I love the quote "Its not about the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away".

Anonymous said...

I have this tendency to dream grand dreams and never take any steps toward accomplishing them. Tonight I heard a radio broadcast that addressed that subject, and they suggested writing out tangible goals. Every six months, write down three pretty significant goals. Keep these in mind as you write down three smaller goals each week. Then each day, set yourself some even smaller goals. I thought that was great advice for someone like me, so I thought I'd share in case it helps someone else. I often get so overwhelmed with the big goals and my lack of organization that I get discouraged and give up on them. Now off to write down my goals!!! :)