Jan 14, 2011

The Brotherhood-My Spoiler Free Book Review

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of The Brotherhood by Jerry Jenkins a couple of months ago. I could not put it down. I read it faster than any book I have read in years.

The book focuses Boone Drake a young cop with the Chicago Police Department. It is a well spun tale of loss and redemption as well as faith and doubts. I love Christian fiction that carries with it a deeper meaning such as The Oath or The Shack, but this one stands alone among others.

First off it is realistic and you do not have to suspend disbelief for a second to be pulled into the world Jenkins has created. Second it is not built around controversial theology. Whereas there are many who are put off by fiction that dabbles in theology like The Shack and the Left Behind series, The Brotherhood deals with the question of suffering in a way that we really see echoed in life.

I know this book can be given to someone struggling with pain and they will relate. They will not say, "Sure it worked for Mack but when will God meet me in a shack". The Brotherhood never leaves reality.

There are often movies that move me to tears, but this was the first and only book. In fact after chapter three I could not read anymore for a complete day. This is the mark of a great book. It had me laughing, crying, and most of all viewing the world through the eyes of Boone Drake. I am excited that this is the first in a trilogy of books by Jenkins.

You can order your own copy now and it will be shipped on February 1 which is the release date. You are going to want at least two because after reading it, you'll know exactly who God wants you to pass it on to.

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