Jun 9, 2012

An Update on Luke's Neck Injury

We were in the E.R. Until midnight last night. It is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (not going to the E.R., having my child injured). And a neck injury is no joking matter.

It began with us simply shopping at Lowes for some parts to our playground. We were outside in lawn and garden looking at fencing options. Kids are prone to stepping inside clothing racks at stores, balancing on anything that looks like a beam, or climbing anything with a grip. This was far simpler than that.

Lowes has shelving units that hold different items. In front of each shelf it two eye hooks and a 1/4 inch metal cable spanning the distance loosely. The manager told me they are strong enough to keep any products from falling out and landing on their customers.

I had just walked around the aisle to look at something else when Luke (my six year old) stepped onto a shelf. The shelf was only about a foot off of the ground. I guess it looked inviting since the items normally displayed there were out of stock.

My son stepped up followed by his sister. Seconds later Debbie (my wife) told them to get down. Leia stepped down just fine because of her height, but Luke jumped. When he did his neck hit the cable and he was suspended for a couple of seconds before his head slammed back into the shelving.

He started wheezing trying to breath and Debbie yelled "Nate!" I ran to where they were and scooped him up. His neck was covered with surface abrasions and getting deeper red by the minute.

When we arrived at the hospital they surprisingly got us in quickly. They determined that he needed a CAT scan and fitted him with an IV. Which he did not like one bit.

Right before my pastor's family came to take our daughter, Leia walked over to Luke and started praying. This was so awesome since Luke had asked me to ask people on Facebook and Twitter to pray and even wanted me to put a picture on so they would know what to pray for.

When a throat surgeon came to talk with us, our hearts sank. Then he let us know he was off duty but wanted to see the results. It turns out that there is no internal damage although his neck looks like it has road rash.

I learned a little more yesterday of what God must go through as a father. He has clearly warned us to stay away from certain things that are destructive. Yet, when we choose them anyway and get hurt He has compassion. After all He sent His son to give His life for us, because we have messed up.

The justice side of me wants to say, "See son thats why we don't climb on things. If I've told you once..." However the love of a father for his son ALWAYS overides my lecturing side and I end up taking him into my arms.

He is taking it easy today and I found myself giving him a toy that was supposed to be a birthday gift. Did he earn it? No, but that is what grace and love are all about. I'm still teaching my son, but my Heavenly Father is still teaching me.

Thank you for all of the prayers. Please continue praying for a fast healing. I will be reading any comments to Luke as I have done with Facebook and Twitter. It really makes him smile.


HW of Bexley LKN said...

So happy it was a horrible scare and not severe injury! Prayers for the entire family! Thanks for always sharing your insight, and finding either the good, or a good lesson out of the things that cross your path!
May God bless and keep your family!

Holly Michael said...

Sorry about this injury. I'm sure it was so scary. Praying Luke is better. Holly

Nate Garrett said...

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. They really are appreciated :)

Laura said...

Gruesome dude! I'm am thankful that you are not seriously injured and thankful for your awesome sister's prayers! But. . .cool! Maybe you will have a radical scar to show people and tell them about what happened!!

Shannon and Lindsay Shores said...

Luke, we are praying for you all the way in Africa! Glad to hear that after you have some time to heal, all will be okay! God is watching after you for a reason!

One who has been changed said...

Luke is AWESOME and know he will remember from this experience. 1. he is loved 2. prayer allows for miracles 3. look before you leap as actions have consequences 4. Dad and Mom are teaching him to be careful not to stop his fun but to protect him from harm.
Tell Luke looking forward to his coming and love him.

sheetal jain said...

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