Jun 2, 2012

5 Cases of People Eating Each Other in 1 Week

So after five flesh eating incidents in one week I have to ask--is the zombie apocalypse upon us? Seriously though do not listen to advertisements from Bath and Body Works that intice you to smell like fruit. This is the worst time in U.S. history to smell like anything eatable.

Although I do not believe in an imminent attack by the undead, I do not put a chemical induced psychosis out of the realm of possibility. Even a communicable virus that affects humans like rabies affects animals is possible. Likely no, possible yes.

In the mean time regardless of the reason people are munching on others we should be thankful we have the second amendment. Don't have a gun? Well then you are the free samples at Walmart.

What do you need to survive an attack of the flesh munchies? A Shotgun, shovel, and an ax. At least that is what I have gleaned from hours of Zombie films and AMC's The Walking Dead. Either way if you tan regularly you will survive longer. After all beef jerky takes longer to chew.

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