Jun 1, 2012

Green Lantern is Gay

Green Lantern is gay or at least in a parallel universe. DC Comics announced that the character will be mighty, brave, and openly gay.

This is another example of the entertainment industry shoving their views down our throats. This time going after the minds of our kids. It's one thing when there is a gay character in an adult show, but a superhero that kids look up to is something different altogether.

It may sound politically incorrect but I am tired of 5% of this country making the rest of us walk on egg shells or be called bigots. I can't think of one person I hate. And no one and I mean NO ONE can convince me that disapproving of behavior is equal to hatred. Otherwise every parent hates their own children.

Shame on you DC Comics.


Holly Michael said...

Hmmm....really? This is sad...not your post, but what DC Comments is doing...And I agree with your last lines, too...I'm the same way...no hate here, not a bigot, but can't approve of what Jesus didn't approve of. Holly

Nate Garrett said...

Thanks for the feedback Holly. Keep strong!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a positive development, Jesus had two dads so there obviously isn't too much wrong with Green Lantern having a male romantic interest.