Jun 18, 2012

Team India is headed out!

Well we have prepared, read, watched Slumdog Millionaire (or at least I did), and eaten India food.

We gathered this morning for prayer and loaded up. After all the shots, passport and Visa fun, and fundraising we are ready. Well ready as we can be.

We really would appreciate your prayers as we go through customs today. We will not arrive until tomorrow.

We are almost at the airport now. Excitement and apprehension are swirling with in us as the battle between faith and fear pushes us toward reliance on a good and loving God.

I will be posting again when I can.


Kelly N said...

Be safe all of you! We will continue to pray for your journey and entire trip!

Katie K said...

Been praying all day and thinking of you all!

Rebecca Wilson said...

I am so thankful for youth leaders and a church that encourage our kids to live their faith out loud..to share the word and God's love. I am so excited my son is getting the chance of a lifetime to travel outside the states to do what he is called to do. He and the others on this trip have worked hard to make this happen and I am so proud of everyone for their determination and courage to do what our God commands. What a blessing to the members of the team and to the people they will meet. Our God is amazing and its wonderful that others who may not know him will get the chance to see through our church family..not just those from The Bridge but the other team members...we are after all one big family! Go God and go team!

sheetal jain said...

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