May 6, 2011

Thor: My Official Movie Review

        I went to see Thor last night in a newly converted digital theater. I will say two things about the technical side of the experience. First the 3D was TOTALLY unnecessary. I continue to maintain that what we are seeing is merely some 2D images at one distance while a few 2D images are viewed as closer.  This is not truly three demential. Do not waste your money on the 3D version unless it is your only option (as mine was last night). Second the sound was phenomenal. Even if you have to drive an hour to find an all digital theater it will be worth it. This was the best surround sound immersion I have ever heard in a movie.
        Now to the movie itself. It is very appropriate as a family film. When I say that I am not talking about violence (where actors are merely acting), I am talking about sexual content or profanity (where actors are actually nude or cursing). There is a difference in my book. There is some mild profanity in the film, but there was far less profanity in the movie than from the row behind me. Apparently the sound of crashes and explosions was so loud and clear that it inspired all kinds of adjectives from people in the theater.
        The story was as good as could be for an origin story. It turns out that he is not a god, but was merely viewed as a god by people from our world in ancient times (which is a good improvement from the legend). I am still not sure why Thor and Natalie Portman's character Jane Foster are so attached to each other by the end. I mean sure she was super impressed with him, but they never really had them fall in love in a believable way.
        The spiritual overtones are pretty heavy. Thor wants to give his life to save the Earth (like Jesus). Thor was originally filled with pride then becomes mortal until he denies himself to become new. This is the central plot of the human race in the Bible. We sin become mortal and if we deny ourself take up our cross and follow Jesus we put on immortality (Luke 9:23).
        I highly recommend this film as it ties in nicely to the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk movies. The stage is almost set for the Avengers in 2012. Thor is well worth the money. Are you going to see it? Will you shell out the money for 3D? If you see it let me know your thoughts on the spiritual themes and overall quality.

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