May 2, 2011

"Obama Killed Osama" in the Style of Dr. Seuss

        This is not a normal post for me but I couldn't resist. I was thinking of how funny it was that Osama was killed by a President named Obama. This poem in the style of Dr. Seuss is the result of the randomness of my mind. Please not that I always call our President by his title first regardless of who is in the White House. In the poem both President Obama and President Bush are called simply by their last names for better flow.

  Obama killed Osama, after ten long years of looking,
  Bush began the search and push, but Obama did the cooking,
  Obama killed Osama. Was it easy? I don't know,
  But if I knew the drama to kill Osama by Obama, I think this is how it would go,

  Obama wore pajamas in the White House making plans,
  Osama cried for his mama hiding out in Pakistan,
  Thought Obama of Osama, We still need to catch this man,

  It was late and he was tired, but something stirred and kept him fired,
  Other than Trump who says you're fired, who claimed he's not American but a liar,
  Yes, he could have snuggles in an Afghany that was knitted by his granny,
  But they had not caught the mad meany manny who was an Afghani from Afghanistany,

  He got a call that settled him with news our troops were closing in,
  They had found within a big mansion contained the lion's den,
  So they asked Obama of Osama just what should be done with him,
  Obama said Osama's reign of terror's at an end.

  So Obama killed Osama with an order just and right,
  Bringing closure to 911 families and better sleep tonight.

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