Mar 11, 2011

The Call

         Did you know that 80% percent of believers have never shared the Gospel with anyone? Poles and statistics are not a perfect science you say? Correct, I am using the most optimistic of the statistics that have come out. Many have shown that it could be as high as 97%. Since I am an optimist and have a profound love for Christ's church, I am giving us the benefit of the doubt at 80%.
        So what about you? Are you going to step into eternity as a failure in the only mission that He ever gave us? Sure, we have a commandment: to love God and love others, but this is our mission.

        The sad part is that the Gospel is so simple. Jesus has done all of the pre-work and the Holy spirit will do all of the post-work. People only need to turn from sin (choosing their way over His) to Him.

        I want to ask you to do something right now. Picture a person that you truly care about who does not know Christ. Do you have someone in mind? Good. Now, stop reading for a moment and take the next 30 second to ask God to use you to reach them.


        Let's take the challenge one step further. Take out your phone and call them. Use me as an excuse. You could say something like, "I am reading a blog that asked me to think of a person that I care about who has not made a decision to follow Jesus and YOU were the FIRST person to pop into my head. Can I tell you what He has done in my life?" (Be sure to include; His death to beat sin, resurrection to beat death, our responsibility of repentance from what we've done and faith in what He did.) Ask you friend if he or she would like to make the same decision.

        Evangelism is nothing more than sharing His role in your story. We simply tell how we got from where we were to where we are now. Did you make the call? Did you have the courage? Please don't wait. Your friend is too important to waste time doing ANYTHING else. Once we get over the awkward stigma of sharing our faith it becomes a natural part of who we are.

        How did your phone call go? What was the response? Do not be upset if they say no. The point is that YOU were obedient to His Great Commission. Please comment on this blog about your experience in sharing the good news. Don't be one of the 80%.

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