Mar 3, 2011

Let There Be Darkness (Sneak-peek 1 of 2)

     As you may or may not know, I am writing a fiction book called Let There Be Darkness. It takes place in a world between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. We are not given any specific details of the creation of God's angels. The book takes the stance that they may have been human at one time. The following scene (from chapter 4) features a pre-angelic Michael as one of God's judges. (This is an unedited copy)
     Michael looked down from his chair at the man before him.     
     “Are you Rikali?”
     “Yes, your Excellency?”
     “Approach the chair.” This would be quick, cases such as this always are. “Rikali, you have received a death mark from this court in the name of God at the request of Constable Analos for the crime of rape. The penalty is death. If you seek the grace of God then you shall have it. God’s pardon only applies to the death mark, as there are local penalties in the case of rape. Should you decide to beg God’s grace you will undergo castration before being released. Do you understand the charges against you?”
     “I do.”
     “What would you ask of this court before God?”
     Stumpy held his head high and glared indignantly at the judge. “I will ask nothing of you, this court, or God himself for that matter.”
     Michael was in shock. He had executed people before for receiving a third death mark, but only twice and never for rejecting God’s grace. In fact he couldn’t think of a single time when any court had had any person willingly ignore grace.
     “Did you hear me judge?” Stumpy said now fully drunk with arrogance.
     “Yes I did, but may I ask why?”
     “Because God is a manipulative, infantile, overlord who wants to hear us beg and squirm. He will get no such pleasure from me.”
     “These things are not true. God loves us. Are you well Rikali?”
     “I am perfectly sane judge. Do your job and convict me.”
     Michael stood and cleared his throat. “Because you have rejected God’s grace you are to be bound and thrown to your death in the Mintock Chasm. The sentence will be carried out immediately.”
     Skylarm approached the guilty, bound his wrists, and led him away.
     Michael collapsed in his chair. With his head in his hands he muttered to a court attendant to send everyone in the waiting area away until tomorrow. He stared at the floor in disbelief.

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Trish said...

More, please!!!

Inside Nate's Head said...

There will be more in two days. Not sure if I will show the next scene (the execution) or a scene from Lucifer's courtroom. There is also a link to an older teaser at the bottom (from the 1st chapter).

One who has been changed said...

May God grant you time and strengh to finish the book.