Mar 13, 2011

Why Would God Allow the Tsunami in Japan?

        The earthquake and tsunami in Japan were terrible. How could God let such a thing happen? Was it is fault? Why wouldn't He prevent it? 

        All of these questions are looked at in the "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People" video that I did in conjunction with Bonfire Crusades. Keep in mind that I am the youth pastor at The Bridge Church in Mooresville NC and not the First Church of the Nazarene that is shown on the video.

        Sorry Kindle users this one is a video.


One who has been changed said...

It is truly amazing at what entered the world because of original sin. May you find time needed for all your endeavors and may God give you strength for each day.

Ivy said...

Great video! I would love to talk to you about one area that has been holding my husband back. It's something I can't answer. Maybe you have some insight. I'll send you a DM on twitter.