Mar 10, 2011

A Creative Solution to the Protesting of Military Funerals

The Patriot Guard Riders

        The the true tragedy of "Freedom of Speech" is that soldiers who fought to maintain it, can have their funerals legally protested. The Westboro Baptist Church has been protesting our military heroes' funerals now for several years.

        WBC is neither Baptist nor a church in the true sense of either word. The church is supposed to be the active agent of Jesus Christ to bring His hope of redemption to all people. This is the same Jesus who told us to love and do good to our enemies.

Funeral Protester
        Most of us within the Body of Christ have complained and ranted about Westboro for showing hatred and masquerading under the guise of "Christian". We are torn between hating what they are doing and knowing that freedom of speech needs to stay in tact for freedom to remain in our land. Many of us complain while few have done anything about it.

        When I say done anything about it--I do not mean protest in return or lobby Congress for change. I mean create. Often we complain rather than create. Complaining always brews negativity while creating fosters optimism.

        The Patriot Guard Riders have opted to create. They have come up with something entirely new. Westboro and their cronies may stand in public places and spew their venom towards a soldier's family, but it will no longer be heard. The Patriot guard shows up by the hundreds to forms a barrier between the family and the haters. They block them out with their motorcycle engines, patriotic music, and a wall of large American flags. They have even been known to bring semi-trucks.

        These patriots have changed our world for the better in a nonviolent creative way. You may regularly find yourself complaining about things without offering concrete solutions. When this happens take the high road and choose to CREATE rather than complain.


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Tami said...

You're right. The members of this "church" need Jesus just as much as the homosexuals they scream about. Their actions indicate that they know nothing of my Jesus. They are the "whitewashed tombs" Jesus preached against. They are filled up with the decay of hate.

If you are a believer and this mockery of a church has any reason to "protest" (that word seems too polite for what they do) please be one to stand with the Patriot Guard. I know I will!