Nov 22, 2010

The Next Three Days

This past weekend there were millions of people lined up to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Where was I?  I was seeing The Next Three Days along with eight other people who happened to be in the theater on Saturday night.  I went home afterwards and read some reviews to see if I could find out where the crowds were.  The critics attacked it as too slow and not enough action.

I think what they mean is not enough "action".  The action we have grown accustomed to is over the top CGI explosions and unrealistic fight scenes.  The Next Three Days was a well acted, realistic nail biter of a movie.  It is a mix between John Q. and Taken.  If you are looking for a movie that could actually happen- a romantic action flick with a lot of drama and a feel good vibe about the triumph of the human spirit, then The Next Three Days is for you.

The only drawback is that Liam Neeson only does a short 5 minute cameo, when the trailor made him seem like a main character.  It does not matter though because Russell Crowe carries the film.

It was a breath of fresh air after the far fetched action movies that have come out this year.  If I still had the money I spent to see movies like Predators and The Expendables I could go back several more times to see The Next Three Days.  My advise:  Ignore the critics on this one.


Anonymous said...

Russel Crowe is an excellent actor even though Robin Hood was kind of dissappointing , have you seen Cinderella Man ? If not , I highly recommend it.

Inside Nate's Head said...

I liked Robin Hood. The story has done to many times, it was nice to see what took place before he was a legend. And yes I loved Cinderella Man even though it is arguably one of the worst titles for a movie ever besides Snakes on a Plane and Cowboys and Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Alot of Star Wars fans are openly anti- Lord of the Rings ( dunno why either perhaps it's a pancake- waffle thing) but I am anxiously awaiting The Hobbit, which Peter Jackson is directing not Del Toro! I bet this movie is gonna be huge! It is gonna be a multi part release . Gotta love a good prequel.