Nov 10, 2010

What are Your Pet Peeves?

Everyone has pet peeves.  Here are a few of mine.

-email forwards
-dogs that lick 
-when people confuse Star Trek with Star Wars (Argh!)
-finding only one sock per pair after a wash
-partisan politics
-being late for anything
-cell phones in a theater
-talking during the national anthem
-tele-evangelists (for the most part)
-local news (Charlotte)
-skinny jeans
-a slow wi-fi connection
-being at an event where only tea is served (and I have to ask for water)
-an empty soda at a restaurant
-emissions inspections on cars
-bad grammar

What are your pet peeves?

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Anonymous said...

when people call themselves gamers when the only game they've ever played is mario kart and super mario galaxy.

Elizabeth Nelson said...

When people shoot past the stopped school bus that my kids are getting off of like it's not even there! 90% of them have a cell phone plastered to their ear AND they have the nerve to look offended or biligerant when the bus driver lays on the horn at them. they do it EVERY day and it drives me bonkers!

Kevin Keen said...

People who think that the constitution says to keep God out of the USA when it was founded on religious freedom!!

Kevin Spencer said...

My peeve is people who don't like tea.
Baffling :p

Melissa said...

to the girl above me. That toally just happened to my son yesterday morning getting on the bus. A truck drove right past the bus with the lights on and sign out. Thank God I taught him to look both ways even after the bus has stopped.

Breann said...

All of the above. Excluding the emissions inspections thing, since I don't really have a car. Really, everything else would just be annoying or minor nuisances. ^^

Susan L said...

Ok here are some of mine:
- Only getting the Panthers game on Sunday
- Most Giants & Yankee fans
- Cell phones in restaurants, movies, church & driving
- email forwards
- computer hackers
- college tuition
- negative people
- No Ledo's pizza in NC

Donna said...

Oh, I think I could come up with some.....
-Heavy women who wear stretch pants.
-Guys who wear huge pants they have to hold onto or they would fall off.
-Finding your stash of hidden candy has been compromised.
-Leaving dirty dishes all over the counter, when the dishwasher is empty.
-Seeing children standing inside of cars as they pass by.
-Parents who won't discipline their children in public.

Israel Garrett said...

Hahaha oops sorry Kevin that would be me. =)
My pet peeves are disrespect to authority,
people touching my food or putting stuff in it.
People talking during prayer
People who only want to speak and not listen to you on values, beliefs and politics what's up with that.
And finally people poking my throat or taking random pics of me when I'm not paying attention...........Tasha!!! lol

longing4heaven said...

--When someone thinks you should like their stinky dog and let it jump all over you as a guest.

--Taking your shoes off when you come in the door where the next person can trip over them.

--Someone MAKING you take your shoes off when you come in their home!

--"Friends" who never let you come in their home because it's too dirty and "can't be seen" even though you are supposedly good friends.

--When someone brings in some free food and greedy people swarm to it and leave you with none.

--When you get to church early to get the spot you want on the end of a pew, and you are told by someone to "move in to the middle" so the rude, late people can have the seat you got there early to get! (We choose to just wait for someone to come to our row and then we just step out and let THEM into the middle. haha)

--Someone who sends 10 texts that all say the same thing. (ie. what's wrong? why aren't you answering? Hello? Is anyone there?) Argh!!!!!
Perhaps I was in the shower or sleeping or driving or don't even HAVE my phone with me, genius.

--People that don't understand the rules of driving: yielding to the correct person at a 4 way intersection, not being able to merge properly onto the highway, etc.

--The other things everyone mentioned are horrible too. And I HATE tea! lol (Except maybe hot tea now and then.)

And as far as the BUS situation is concerned, it is a CRIME to not stop for a bus of children. Check your local laws, have a camera or piece of paper and pen ready, get their license plate number and REPORT them to the police!

Donna said...

Poking your throat????? That's a new one...LOL!

Inside Nate's Head said...

I agree about the bus thing, the buses should have a road blocking bar extend from the side instead of a little stop sign.

Laura Milner said...

being late is the worst. I feel like when people are late they are saying, :My time is worth much more then yours and i don't care that i have made you sit and wait for me." arg, so annoying.

Inside Nate's Head said...

Punctuality is definitely key as well as meetings that start and end when they are supposed to.