Nov 2, 2010

The Election is Over! I Hope it Starts a Gridlock!

Well, it is no secret that I am an independent voter. One may wonder why I am excited about the Republicans taking control of the house. The reason is that it balances the power.

When President Bush had a majority in the house and senate the republicans went on a spending spree. This spree was echoed and built upon by President Obama and his Senate and House democratic majority. The simple fact is that new plans cost money. Whoever is in charge will spend, spend, spend, regardless of political affiliation. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Democrats want government to do more for us, which requires more taxes while republicans call for tax breaks without necessarily cutting spending. To cut taxes, we must first cut spending, programs, funding and agencies. That is right, I said agencies. I would cut the cord on the IRS, NEA and many others.

The truth is the government that acts least, acts best. This is why I love a gridlocked government. I say vote for the party in congress that is not in the White House no matter who happens to be in power. Sure nothing new will get done, but then again, what do we really NEED the government to do that the private sector cannot come up with through supply and demand?

While we're at it, let's stop trying to legislate social and moral change. Let it start with us. Let us love our spouses more than ourselves, teach our children to work hard and to give back from what they have earned. It is not the government's responsibility to care for the poor. It is ours. I would much rather give freely than to have my money taken and redistributed.

Yes, gridlock is the answer. Maybe in the next two years government spending will begin to drop slightly. Hey, I can hope can't I? Remember that if families ran their financial lives like the federal government then there would be no America. Can you imagine deciding what you want to spend and then approaching your employer and demand to be paid that amount? It would be absurd! We have to see what we make and only spend that amount in order to be responsible. This is not the way government works.

To those who lament on both sides tonight that neither side has control, I would like to remind them that it is better that two idiots fight with their fists than one climb the tower with a machine gun. Divided power is less power for each party and that is good for everyone.

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Susan L said...

Love it love it love it!!!