Dec 3, 2009

Blu-ray and DVD on One Disc?

When I saw Disney re-release Snow White earlier this year with a Blu-ray disc and DVD in one package, I thought it was a good idea.  Beginning in January, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release a GREAT idea.  They have begun production of the "Flipper", which features Blu-ray and DVD on opposite sides of the same disc.  The first release will be the Bourne trilogy.  

I still do not own a high definition TV, and will not in the near future.  As a movie lover the prospect of starting over is not an appealing thought.  Sure Blu-ray players can play both formats, but for how much longer?  Is this just to ease our transition?  How many DVD/VHS combos do you see nowadays?  That transition cost me a pretty penny.  What if I want to watch it on my computer, in another room, or just let a non-Blu-ray owning friend borrow a movie?  Do I have to buy a machine for every TV and an extra for friends to borrow?  No, I do not.  All I need is to purchase future movies on the "Flipper" disc, and even if Blu-ray goes under like HD-DVD did (which an Xbox 360 can still play, but is no longer considered a feature) then my collection is still safe.  For now I will keep my analog TV and DVD collection, but come January I may own my first Blu-ray disc.  I will enjoy the DVD side and all of my friends can borrow it regardless of their machine choice. 


Donna said...

It's a money making business! Enjoy what you have today, for tomorrow it may be gone. Reminds me of life. Live today like there's no tomorrow. You never know if this is your last day on earth, so make the best of it today while you can still make decisions that will determine your eternity.

Josh Rountrey said...

hd-dvd went down from a battle between them and blu-ray, like the vhs/beta wars. on the other hand i run a file server in my basement and stream movies from there to my old xboxes, no no dvds to get broken really. nothing hi-def either but im not that concerned with it. i guess being nearsighted keeps me from caring how clear things can be.