Jan 4, 2010

Golden Retriever Saves Boy From Cougar!

An eighteen month old Golden Retriever named Angel saved her 11 year old owner from being mauled by a cougar.  Austin Forman was collecting firewood with Angel nearby when a cougar leaped from the shadows toward the boy.  Before Austin could react his dog stepped between him and the cougar.  The dog had been following his owner around for a while before the attack.  It was almost as if he knew he would be needed as an "angel" for Austin.

An officer arrived within a minute of dialing 911 and was in time to save Angel's life.  He fired three shots into the cougar who had his mouth on Angel's neck.  The cougar's jaws had to be pried off of the dog.  It is a good thing the officer was nearby or the dog would have died.  This is why I feel it is important that families in the middle of nowhere should own a gun and know how to use it properly (and every family for that matter).

Now, I personally have never owned a dog (although I am quite fond of my turtle, Donatello), but this story almost makes me reconsider.  If my family and I ever move to an area with natural predators (other than raccoons), you can be sure that we will be getting a retriever.  This is going to make a great Disney film if they are ever looking for a modern adaption of Old Yeller (where the dog actually survives).  One thing is for sure, the statement "a dog is a man's best friend" has never been more true.

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Laura said...

dogs rock. and yes, everyone should own a gun...well, some people probably shouldn't. but everyone should have the RIGHT to.

Anonymous said...

everyone should own a dog too, they are great, ours has kept many foxes away from my home, and he's very intimidating, so I think if an attacker/thief showed up, they'd at least think twice, & if Buddy dind't scare em off, you bet my hubby & his gun would(he's a trained army soldier so I know he could handle it.)

Anonymous said...

dogs do rock, are very loyal and every family should own one or four like us. They are definitely great protection of course I wouldn't have a gun in my house at anytime no matter where I lived.

Lynn Alsop said...

I don't think you should own a dog unless you love animals enough to really care for one and are willing to put out what is nessasary to keep them healthy, happy and part of the family. Those are the pets that will protect the family.