Jan 2, 2012

Mission Impossible for Dads

The new Mission Impossible was easily the best of the franchise. It has one of the highest marks from critics of the movies that are currently out. The action and gadgetry involved is enough to keep any guy interested.

Sometimes I feel like fatherhood is Mission Impossible. Getting the whole family on-time to any one event is like herding cats. Just when you think everyone is ready you find that your daughter has become engrossed in playtime (complete with every toy she owns) rather than finding her shoes. There are also uncontrollable cowlicks that ravage little boys hair, and always a 20% chance of your wife going back to the drawing board with her outfits because, "there is never anything to wear".

Yes sir, you have to have some special skills, the newest arsenal, and state of the art training to manage being a father and husband nowadays. Or do you? Are our kids going to remember their childhood for how tight a ship we ran or for the amount of time we spent with them.

Man of the house: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to love your family and to show them this love tangibly by the time you spend with them. This is Mission Possible and you can do it!

This message will not self-destruct, but your family will if you choose to ignore it.

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