Oct 6, 2011

Pizza Imperfections

        Is it a little strange that my six year old will literally flip out if he does not get the slice of pizza with the largest cheese blister on it. When I think about it, I never see him eager to put anything burnt into his mouth. I should know because I have used a knife to transform toast back to a less than charcoal color so I could save my ears from hearing that old familiar "yuck".

        Although Pizza may be the most perfect food we will enjoy prior to the pizza bearing trees of Heaven (my translation) it is still imperfect. In a fallen creation even the pizza suffers. As the cheese melts to coat the pizza in a warm gooey thick spread, the heat from the oven is more than it can take. Bubbles pop up, pulling the cheese tight then singeing the blister like a crusty wart.

        When I think about my son reaching for the bumpiest slice available, I think of God seeking relationship with messed up people. I was one of those people with the marks and scars of my sinful actions. He still called me and He still wants us--warts and all.

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