Oct 9, 2010

How Important is Facebook?

Just how important is Facebook to our everyday lives? It seems that everyone from preteens to grandmas are using the social media giant. We can interact with current friends and family as well as reconnect with old friends.

It is that reconnecting that causes me to question how we use the social platform. There are statistics that say that more and more marriages are dissolving due to these retro-sexual flames from the past. The studies range from 20 to 23 percent of those getting divorced.

Another problem is the millions of dollars people are willing to spend on items that due not exist. How sucked in does one have to be to pay real money for virtual cash to buy nonexistent merchandise. I was in Target the other day and even saw $15 gift cards to use on Facebook (a "free" site). Last time I checked we are still in a recession. There are still people going to bed without food in their bellies in the very communities in which we live. All the while there are real people playing games like Farmville and using real cash (at times) to tear down barns to build bigger barns. This sounds strangely reminiscent of a parable told by Jesus.

The bottom line is that Facebook can be an escape. It can be a place to conduct illicit relationships that you have no business pursuing, a platform for viewing or spouting gossip, or a financial drain for an emotional escapist. Hearing all of these things should plant seeds of caution and concern. Caution should range from sharing your password with your spouse to canceling your page altogether. Do not let something as trivial as a website destroy your relationship with your spouse.

I will not assume that everyone reading this blog believes the same as me when it comes to spirituality, but to those that do we have a duty. We should view Facebook as a mission field. A chance for others to see Jesus lived out through us. Not an escape or something to do in our spare time like "chewin' the fat" at a high school reunion. We need to be intentional in our encouragement, careful in our chatting and personal messaging, and all out purposeful in why we are here. The world may not be beating down your churches door to get in, but it has rolled out a red carpet for virtual missionaries who are willing to show Christ's love to people where they are at. Let's decide to work strategically to partner with God in what he wants to do on Facebook.

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deb_beelg07 said...

Well said! Facebook is a very addicting outlet and we should be very careful how we use it! :)

madzymoo said...

I couldn't agree more with using facebook as a mission field... before I click "ignore" to someone from high school who sends me a friend request, It's back to the Ol' W W J D, which helps me be a bit less selfish in my "not wanting to be bothered friends list" and have more of a servant attitude.

One who has been changed said...

Facebook, bad enough to see my face in the mirror which you may have guessed means I do not do the facebook thing and surly would not spend real money for that which does not exist any where but cyberspace. I do not like spending on that which is real unless really needful. But reaching people for Christ on Facebook or a blog will have eternal value. God Bless!

Susan L said...

With me, I have been able to stay connected with my family who does not live in NC. I have a son and daughter both live out of state and we communicate and share pictures this way. With that said, I have reconnected with some people from high school (very few), and other distant relatives. I like facebook. My belief is there isn't anything that I would write, say or do that I couldn't do with my husband or in front of him in life no matter what avenue. Our marriage and our family is our priority. I also view an old flame as there is a reason they were left in my past and not invited to my future :-)
So I guess I keep everything in perspective and act appropriately always. (I play the games but would never spend a dime)

Laura Milner said...

what the crack?! I have never heard or seen a facebook gift card. Weird!

Inside Nate's Head said...

Yeah I know, I was floored!