Jun 25, 2010

The BP Oil Crisis

I have been pondering the BP oil crisis for quite sometime now. Trying to think of exactly what I can add to the conversation. Then I read my dad's blog on the topic and felt as though my mind had been read. You may say, "Like father like son", to which I would add, "Have you ever met the two of us"? Nevertheless his sentiments are mine. The entry below is completely my dad's from his blog: A Time For Truth. If you enjoy his writing I have a link to his blog below the article. The opinions expressed in the rest of his articles do not necessarily reflect the views or writings of Randumblog, but the one writing them has helped shape me into the man I am today. I love you Dad.


No Leadership

Oil continues to gush into the USA Gulf Coast area, fouling everything it touches. Death and Destruction are visible on every side. Now for over 60 days the onslaught has continued and one must wonder how much longer before it can be stopped. A look at the US government response is eye opening. The main actions taken are lot of hot air and getting lawyers involved to see who can be held accountable along with possible criminal charges. The offers from other nations willing to help are ignored or just refused. Blaming BP for the problem and strong arming them into setting up a fund to pay damage claims run by the government seems to be the priority. Now nothing wrong with making sure damages are taken care of BUT the focus needs to be an all hands on deck approach in working to stop the oil from continuing to flow before it starts to cause damage to other nations and destroy the ocean's eco system for years to come. The sad thing is that the US government encouraged the deep water drilling with no viable data in how to handle a ruptured pipe problem at such a depth. Now we have the problem and no workable plan to fix it in a reasonable time frame. No leadership from Washington DC, and BP without the power and resources needed to fix it before it became a major problem. The one time a problem is large enough to actually need our government to step in to coordinate the containment and clean up effort and all we get is talk about paying for damages and who should be blamed. There is a time for everything and now is the time for action to stop the flow of oil and after that has happened THEN it will be time for blame, investigations, liability, and paying for the damages. If the government cannot answer the bell for this issue how can it be trusted to run the health care system effectively for over 300 million people. That is another nightmare waiting to happen. We vote in those who have not only had no experience in the real world, but no clue as to how to lead in a critical time. Is it any wonder why excuses seem to be the rule of the day by those who are blinded by their ideology even while walking in darkness. Interesting times are upon us indeed.

My Dad's Blog: A Time For Truth


Jason Morris said...

Great read and I agree with it as well.

Jason Morris said...

Great Read, I couldn't of said it better, agree 100 percent.

Rogue Leader said...

(Sorry for the late response.)

Nice blog, Dad! But you don't want to get me started on Obamacare, I'll be here all night. LOL

For liberals, it's all about the blame-game, attempting to bolster support for their pet projects -- they did the same thing during Katrina. We're in the middle of a crisis that has reached astronomical proportions, and instead of taking solid action with a solid plan, they're pointing fingers. I, personally do not care who is responsible . . . just the clean the crap up already before it gets any worse.

What really ticks me off is that Obama refused outside help, help from experts at this sort of thing. His mind is mind boggling. Someone needs to whack him upside the back of the head to knock some sense into him.