Jul 4, 2012

Thoughts on this July 4th

Today is the birthday of our basic freedoms.

Freedom of speech - eroding through bills such as the hate crimes bill that polices thought.

Freedom of the press- stifled by naming everything an interest of national security

Freedom of religion-which was to keep the government out of the church not to offer tax exemption and threaten to take it away at every turn.

The right to bear arms- originally to secure a free nation. The people are now hopelessly outgunned if the nation becomes tyrannical.

The freedom that ensures that no one can be denied liberty without due process: there are several bills since the Patriot Act that reduce this right to a joke.

If you give up a little liberty to gain security you deserve neither and will lose both-Benjamin Franklin.

Happy birthday America. You are still free...for the moment.


Ivy said...

Lot of truth being put out there in this post. We do need to get back to our roots and take back Washington (from both sides playing this political game).

Happy birthday America! I'm not giving up hope on you yet!

sheetal jain said...

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