May 29, 2012

Bring Back My Pie!

I walked into McDonald's the other day to get another one of their baked strawberry cream pies. To my surprise they had stopped carrying it. Yet, somehow they still wanted me to order something. Order what?

Bring back my pie!!!

Let me tell you the power this pie had over me. First of all my family and I hadn't been to McDonald's in quite some time before I heard the pie had come out again. When we arrived I found out they had added cream cheese. Finally, I ordered and ate five of them before I my palette was completely satisfied.

Fro several weeks I found excuses to swing through the drive thru. "If everyone behaves in Walmart we will go get a pie!" I even found us eating food at one place only to end up at McDonald's for dessert. Now it is gone and McDonald's no longer has anything on their menu that would entice me to frequent their establishment.

We can be like this with faith. After going to a camp, conference, or experiencing revival we get into the word and feel close to God. Then a new season hits and we stop reading His word, and finally lose the desire we once had.

The difference is that God's word and the relationship he wants with us to have not been taken off the menu. We are the ones who stop frequenting the establishment. We live as if He has closed up shop and indulge in less fulfilling things while He still offers closeness and unity.

The flavor never changes, but sometimes our taste buds adjust to the lesser tastes the world has to offer.

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