May 14, 2012

20/20 Hindsight: Evil Redirected

I am beginning a new blog series entitled 20/20 Hindsight. I will have a new one out every Monday. The purpose of this series is to show God's hand of providence in the lives of people throughout history. Sometimes God works His good through a person and sometimes He does it in spite of that person. Our first subject falls into the latter category.

Hindsight Obituary Entry 1:

Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler died on April 30, 1945. He and his wife of 2 days Eva Braun committed suicide to avoid capture. But it is before his death that Hitler made a name for himself. He was a decorated World War 1 veteran who turned to politics. Eventually he turned the German Workers Party into the Nazi Party.

As leader of the Nazi party Hitler changed Germany into a one party political system and rose from chancellor to dictator. During World War 2 he occupied most of Europe and North Africa. He also called for the systematic killing of over 11,000,000 people. The Jews were among the people targeted for extermination by the Nazis. Over 6,000,000 Jews were killed.

Today we still use his name when speaking about evil. It seems that there is no other person who universally embodies pure wrong like this man. Where was God in all of this? Why did he allow such things?

Hindsight is truly 20/20 as we can now see the two cosmic players in this event. The first is sin. Hitler gave into it, was consumed by it and served it. Sin was his master and a lot of people get hurt when sin is chosen. The second was God. The same God who gives us free will to sin if we choose to also will work good even thru bad situations (Romans 8:28).

Where was God? He was working through the allies to put a stop to this madman. God also fulfilled prophesy in using the United Nations to bring the Jewish people back to Israel. They even chose to call it Israel. It is simply amazing that God would work good in spite of such evil.

Hopefully the world will not see such evil again, but if we do there is a God who is in the recycling business and will bring good out of trash any day of the week.

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Ricky said...


This is a great idea, I have long thought that Christians should look back at history and teach God's providence and faithfulness. I look forward to more posts!


Nate Garrett said...

Thanks I will be posting this every Monday and possibly with a friend of mine guest posting as well.

Anonymous said...

I think I see two cosmic players here as well, clearly Hitler had rejected Princess Celestia's love and tolerance while giving into the dark side of hatred.