Feb 12, 2011

Egypt is Free. Are You?

      Egypt took its first steps toward freedom yesterday as President Mubarak voluntarily called it quits after 18 days of protests by Egyptians.  The protesters were calling for an end to dictatorship and a beginning for Democracy. As the events unfolded, I, like many Americans, watched in disbelief.
      I was reminded of when our former President, George W. Bush, said, "As long as the Middle East remains a place where freedom does not flourish, it will remain a place of stagnation, resentment and violence ready for export." Before anyone thinks that Randumblog is toeing any particular party line, I will also quote President Obama, who said, “And I know that a democratic Egypt can advance its role of responsible leadership not only in the region but around the world".
      I am excited to see this freedom taking place in Egypt and around the world. Today people in Algeria and Yemen held similar protests. We could be seeing the start of a peace movement in the Middle East  (cue the doomsday preachers). 
      These countries have had dictator after dictator with little change and no freedom. It reminds me of the journey each one of us is on regardless of our type of government. We are all slaves to our nature. The Bible calls it sin. It is a desire to choose our way over God's way. Even when we think we have overcome a particular sin a new dictator (sin) will step up and rule our life demanding our time and attention.
      When Jesus died, He ultimately defeated this enemy for anyone that will finally realize that we do not need a new dictator. We need freedom. He offers that freedom. Many of us have already protested our sin by appointing a new ruler over our lives, leaving our old dictator out of power. This does not stop sin from trying to make a political comeback in our lives, but it does stop it from attaining its goal of complete power over us. Jesus said, "Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed."

      What about you? Are you still living under an autocratic rule, or have you opted for a life of freedom? Political peace may change aspects of the way you live, but Christ changes who you are from the inside out. Do you really want to see change in this world? God wants to not only have a relationship with you, but to work through you to love others as He brings hope to His fallen creation. It is as simple as turning from your sin to Him (you will be forgiven because Christ's death paid the penalty). Tell God you are ready to follow Him and He will begin a relationship with you that will continue even after death (we have hope because Jesus was  raised from the dead). 
      Many of my readers are already believers, but some of you are not. I implore those of you who have not accepted Him, to choose FREEDOM from serving the same old masters, and find rest for your soul.

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Janet Tomlinson said...

Awesome!! Amen to that!!!

One who has been changed said...

Well said, may we pray for true freedom not only for the people of Egypt but for those of our land also.

Laura Milner said...

man those pictures are awesome! Oh an the post was good as well.