Sep 23, 2010

Has God Been Removed from Declaration of Independence?

Wow! I am shocked! I just saw a video that I had to watch twice. President Obama spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute 33rd Annual Award Gala on September 17. In his speech he quoted from the Declaration of Independence. The only difference was that he omitted the words "their Creator" in his speech. Could it have been an accident? I doubt it, because he was using a teleprompter.

I am not bashing our President. In fact I pray for him a whole lot. I am just pointing out how offensive the mere mention of the Christian God has become. Watch the video below. Let me know what you think of his decision to take God out.


Susan L said...

Nate, just two words, disappointed and awful.

Kelly said...

That's like trying to take "under God" out of the pledge of allegiance. It's really hard to refer to historical documents and events without referring to God, as He is part of the reason our country was founded. I pray for our President all the time as well, I told my students that today and they thought I was weird, but you need to pray for your leaders whether or not you like them. I hope that taught them something.

Beth A said...

What a discrace it is to have a president in office who refuses to follow the beliefs on which this country was founded. It is the same as re-designing our paper money. No where have I seen "In God We Trust". I hope that we survive until next term. This is even more reason for christians to stand up to our government and let them know that we will not be erased from history.