Feb 5, 2010

Discussions on Christianity- Part 5 of 7

Today we are going to look at sharing our faith.  This particular message deals specifically with believers, but anyone is welcome to give their opinion.  I welcome feedback from you concerning this area of the Christian life.


Anonymous said...

You know.. This video.. this message.. reminds me of the movie "how to save a life" That movie made me cry and it made me think about everything that's going on and how people are thinking and How people honestly have no clue about god and how some know god and choose not to follow.. I'd suggest to everyone to see that movie and It really Really got me thinking how much one person can do though christ:) I just personally think if you want to see what this message says watch that movie:) It was an awesome show:)

Anonymous said...

You know what. I've noticed that me and my friends dont talk about christ as much as I think we should. Un fact I think only one of my friends has ever sat down and had an actual talk to me about sharing my faith. And how he shared his with me. That same friend led me to the church where I excepted christ. So I am gonna challenge my friends next week to share their faith with other people.

Heather Sheppard said...

This is an awesome video Nate, I think us as Christians get so caught up in our life that we forget to do this....I for one am guilty of this but I needed to hear this message today The lord has been dealing with me today on the term faith and what it really is and this example is a eye opener for me .....I will definatley be working on this and sharing the love of Christ with others Thanks for the video! It helped!